Speeding up mortgage applications with digital affordability reviews

Clever Mortgages provides a comprehensive range of mortgages and protection, but specialises in working with those who have bad credit, debt or other more difficult areas.

The challenge

The whole process of requesting and receiving details of customers’ financial circumstances was manual, time-consuming and laborious, causing delays in people’s mortgage applications.

Brokers also found it tiresome as they would have to wait to receive all the relevant paperwork, then hope that everything they needed had indeed been sent. If not, then the whole process had to be repeated, which would temporarily halt the application.

The Paylink solution

Our experts worked closely with Clever Mortgages to understand the application process and build a platform which not only eliminates the need for paperwork, but also allows cuts out lengthy waiting times.

Clever Mortgages’ platform integrates Open Banking technology so all financial information is pulled from people’s online bank statements and automatically inserted in the income and expenditure form.

Brokers now also have access to leading credit referencing agencies and can instantly access credit reports and assess customers’ affordability straight away. All they need to do is send a link to customers who can then provide all the information they need online.


All customers who have applied for a mortgage using the new process have given consent for their credit reports to be accessed by Clever Mortgages, meaning brokers can make much quicker and more informed decisions about the most suitable lenders to approach – in as little as one hour in some cases.


What Clever Mortgages said

Paylink Solutions drastically reduces the turnaround time of the application process for us and our customers, which means we can provide more products to more people, without the need for additional resource. It’s reliable, quick and provides us with the exact information we need to accurately assess a customers’ affordability and determine which are the most suitable products based on their circumstances.

Kevin Blount, Director of Technical Operations