Premium Plan (PPL) specialises in providing affordable and sustainable car finance

Premium Plan provide car finance by way of regulated hire purchase agreements to people within the mid to sub-prime market who have struggled to obtain credit.

The challenge

The key goal was to provide multi-channel payment receipt processes without needing to increase headcount. Secondly, the system had to be able to meet the real-time settlement requirements of dealerships paying quickly and efficiently. Finally, it needed to ensure adequate sign off processes for high value payments.

The Paylink solution

Our experienced team worked closely with Premium Plan to understand their aspirations, and those of their partners and customers.

Paylink supported Premium Plan in setting up direct debit and card payment processing, managed by a team of skilled payment professionals. The team provides reconciliation and reporting services to ensure that receipts and payments are accurately captured in their lending system.

Processes to manage all payouts within one hour of receipt were implemented — with a same day payment — informing designated individuals when a transaction needed to be authorised by them.


Premium Plan now benefit from multi-channel receipts which are reconciled and reported to their lending system daily.

Premium Plan has achieved one of the fastest payout processes in the industry, building relationships of trust with its partners as a result. A service level minimum of 1 hour payout has remained in place, with most transactions being paid within a few minutes of request.

Maintaining adequate control of an outsourced process through a dual sign-off procedure has provided confidence in the supplied solution.


What Premium Plan said

Paylink Banking has taken the pain out of our transactional processes. We have been recognised as having one of the fastest pay-outs in the industry, which has impressed the dealerships we deal with. The team manages payment processing without need for intervention on our part, which has meant that we don’t need to increase headcount for back office functions, and we can focus on our customers.

Simon Greiner – Premium Plan