The simple, efficient way to carry out affordability assessments for your customers

Paylink Collections has been developed to allow customers to fully self-serve and securely upload personal information for the lender’s agents to assess, allowing them to gain a better understanding of the customer’s overall affordability.

This end-to-end digital journey can segment by product type — such as overdrafts, mortgages and credit cards — to give customers access to tailored outcomes depending on their individual circumstances.

How it works


Paylink Collections software helps you fulfil your FCA regulatory requirements by collecting all relevant data to understand a customer’s affordability, including their incomings, outgoings and debts.


Paylink Collections can be integrated with your existing CRM system, fully customised and set up as a standalone application or incorporated into an existing website.


Using Open Banking and Credit Bureau data for pre-population, Paylink Collections improves the speed and accuracy of completion whilst the embedded Standard Financial Statement guidelines ensure expenditure is realistic and sustainable.


Once completed, the agent will be able to provide a fair outcome for the customer, either referring them to a third party for debt advice or automatically taking a payment to get them back on track with their arrears.


The software will save time, improve accuracy and maximise agent output – on average we see a 75% reduction in the time it would take an agent to get a full budget by traditional means.

Key Features
Premium Modules

Key Features


The income and expenditure step is set to SFS guidelines with built-in prompts

Self-Serve Journey

Paylink Collections can be sent to your customers via email / SMS or hosted on your website / in app

Agent Journey

Paylink Collections can also be used on your agent’s desk top to complete with customers over the phone

Interactive and supportive

The Live Chat function offers help at each stage throughout the journey


Paylink Collections is modular so you can take only the steps you need to fit into your existing process

Credit report

Provides details of the customer’s debts in just a couple of clicks

Open Banking

Populates the I&E with information taken directly from the customer’s bank statement

Premium Modules

As well as our standard modules, we have a range of additional premium modules to further enhance your Paylink Collections package. Speak to us about more information of these.

Document upload

The customer can send photographs of all important information in one place

Full reporting suite

Pipeline reporting to manage customer journey and customer insight reporting to measure experience and outcomes

Full API

Seamless integration with existing systems

Digital Triage

A combination of chatbot and tailored questioning allows you to effectively triage specific customer types


What PayPlan said

“We are really proud that Paylink have delivered the industry’s first digital debt advice journey. Paylink’s expertise means PayPlan is now helping to remove some of the emotional and physical barriers of debt, which people often feel ashamed to talk about – and empowering them to take back control of their finances and their lives.”

Peter Munro, Partnerships Director at PayPlan